Welcome to Château de Courbevaux


Built in 1901, the 6500ft2 (600m2) château is surrounded by a graceful G shaped moat that has two distinct bridges.  The property has been left unoccupied for nearly fifteen years.


the “car accessible” bridge


Built on 35 acres (14 hectares), the grounds feature woodland hiking, a serene park for relaxing and a stunning formal garden for visitors to admire. At least that’s the plan.  Almost all the work will be done by us.


the driveway through the forest

Along the driveway, trees are evenly spaced out and give the feeling that you’re driving down a long green tunnel.  There’s plenty of room in the forest for our future plans to have various gardens and pathways sprinkled throughout.  We also recently came across a pond in the middle of the forest.  It’s a little neglected at the moment (surprise, surprise) but now that we know its there we can get to work on figuring out how to make it more accessible.

Across the moat is a small house that is accessed by the covered bridge.

Our temporary home during the first phase of construction

Although the house looks rough, it’s actually in the best condition of all the buildings.  The roof seems to be intact and the access for the electricity is right outside.

currently the bridge is being used as shelter for semi-wild goats that live on the property

The roof system of the bridge is really special.  We’re going to do everything we can to save it.  A lot of plans for the house, bridge, and attached tower need to be put on hold until progress is made on the château itself.

The property also features a rental property and the arts&crafts style home where we will eventually live.

this will be our rental property. Notice the outdoor fireplace, a very unique feature


our arts&crafts style home, still covered in ivy