Our New Kittens

Our sweet cat is a mom! We have been trying to breed Nova for quite some time now and luckily third time’s the charm.  She had four healthy little fuzzballs and she’s become a doting parent.  Its hard to get anything done around here when all I want to do is watch the babies.  All they really do at this point is sleep and eat but there’s something deeply satisfying about watching them in their quiet lives for a little while.  Nova puts up with it for as long as she can but eventually she gets annoyed and sits in front of them to block your view.  If you still don’t get the hint she’ll just plunk down on top of the lot of them.

Nova is a Ragdoll crossed with a Turkish Angora and we bred her with another Ragdoll.  All of her kittens have clear markings and they don’t look alike at all.  I’m grateful since its a whole lot easier to keep track when you can tell them apart.  They’ll stay with her for at least three months before I even have to consider whether or not I’ll rehome some of them.  That sounds like future-Laurie’s problem.  I know that we’ll keep at least one or two.  It’s not like we don’t have enough space.  Whatever we choose to do with the kittens, at least I’ll get to enjoy them for a good little while.


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